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Libyan Hospitals 

List of most of libyan hospitals' phone numbers

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LEMA Working Committees:​

 Dr. Mohamed Abukalish.

 President of LEMA

Our history of successful work speaks volumes.

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Alseheya journal of LEMA

​​​Greetings from LEMA 

On behalf of the LEMA's executive Council, I would like to welcome you to join us in our endeavors. The association is not committed only to the academic and professional development of members but also to improve the emergency healthcare standards in Libya. Our dream is to become one of the global EM workforces by achieving international standards in academics, research, advocacy and skill building as well as to ameliorate the quality and promote the integrity of the practice and management of emergency medicine in Libya, and it seems to face constant challenges. Thanks for all efforts which supported us and for those who are being helping this organization to fulfil its goals. 

​Dr. Mohamed Abukalish. 
President of LEMA
Libyan Emergency Medicine Association
+218 21 4623701-(2342).
الجمعية الليبية لطب الطوارئ

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