Libyan Emergency Medicine Association
الجمعية الليبية لطب الطوارئ

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This organization was accerdited by a local authority under number (425) 2013 as Libyan emergency medicine association LEMA that it encourages and promote professional excellence, advance the science and practice of emergency medicine and serve as an advocate for patients, their families, the public, the profession and the ER physicians. It will offer to the interdisciplinary team the necessary tools for the interaction with the critically ill patient and their families from a holistic perspective. Ensure adequate interdisciplinary care and keep at the vanguard in the application of the latest practice standards that guarantee the optimal quality of care provided by the emergency medicine team.

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Our Membership

Lema is a full member in IFEM & AFEM

International Federation for Emergency Medicine

الفدرالية الدولية لطب الطوارئ

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African Federation for Emergency Medicine AFEM

الفدرالية الأفريقية لطب الطوارئ

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World Restart A Heart

اليوم العالمي لإنعاش القلب 2022 موجــــــة النبـــض العــــربي

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Emergency Medicine Day

  • The 27th of May is the day when Emergency Medicine in Europe took its beginning. In London a group of visionary people signed the founding act of the European Society for Emergency Medicine. The aim was to build up a system model to grant to every citizen in Europe a professional, competent and above all timely response to any life, organ or limb threatening acute condition. 

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